Terms and Conditions

I. General

Every participant of this raffle accepts with his registration the following terms and conditions without any restrictions.

II. Subject of the Raffle

Raffled is the mansion “Valley View” situated on a property of about 550m², on “Diemersfontein Wine Estate” (approx. 55 Km from Cape Town), completely furnished including linen, crockery, electrical household appliances, etc.. for 8 people. This villa is a first time use.

III. Trustee

  1. The procedure of the raffle and the land registry entry, according to the outcome of the said raffle, is supervised and taken care of by Mrs.Dr. Christa Kohl-Rupp, attorney at law, member of the Trustee Revision of the Styrian Bar Association, A-8010 Graz, Schoenaugasse, 44.
  1. The transferred amounts are kept safe in a Trustee account in Austria.

Account No. 02100-447263

BLZ 20815

Bank: Steiermärkische Sparkasse

In the name of: “Verlosung Villa Süd Afrika”

IBAN: AT48 2081 5021 0044 7263


In the name of “Verlosung Villa Süd Afrika

A disposal of the account only happens as follows: after all the lots (5.050) are sold and the raffle is done, the contract for the transfer of deeds will be made out and the entry in the land register will be initiated, as the outcome of the raffle determines. After all taxes, fees and other costs are covered, the remaining amount will be paid to the initial owner of the object.

In case there have been insufficient registrations, the owner has the option to proceed with the raffle, even if the total amount of 5.050 lots has not been sold before 31.01.2010. In this case, the decision has to be stated on the home page, at least 14 days before the date of the raffle.

In case the owner decides to cancel the raffle, when the total amount of lots (5.050) is not sold, the money will be refunded to the remitters, and an amount of EUR 18 will be deducted to cover administration costs.

IV. Participation Conditions

  1. Both natural and legal persons are eligible to take part in the raffle. Natural persons have to be of age and of full legal capacity at the time of the raffle.
  2. Participation is only possible through the interface which is set up in the internet.
  3. Every participant is responsible for the correctness of the data entered at the registration.
  4. At the time of registration a registration number is assigned. This registration number entitles to buy lots until the total amount of 5.050 is reached. This registration number is necessary to enable Dr. Christa Kohl-Rupp to identify the winner.
  5. Participation in the raffle is only valid on receipt of payment for the requested amount of lots. The lot numbers will be sent out about 2 weeks before the raffle starts. Eligible to participate are the first 5.050 incoming payments into the Trust account.
  6. Every participant may use any computer for his registration.
  7. Every participant is allowed to register more than once.
  8. Each registration has to be paid within 5 working days. If payment is not received within this period, the registration will be deleted.
  9. For each sold lot EUR 1,00 will be donated to an educational project in South Africa. Also differences in amounts received (e.g. EUR 99, 198, 297, 396, etc..) will be donated to this project.
  10. The raffle will take place in public.
  11. In case the total of 5.050 is sold before 31.01.2010, the raffle will take place earlier.There will be a minimum period of 14 days, between the sale of the last lot and the date of the raffle. The date of the raffle will be announced on the homepage.
  12. Incoming payments in the stated Trust account will be personally monitored by the trustee, Dr. Frau Kohl-Rupp, and checked with the registration numbers.
  13. The drawing will be done as follows: folded papers with the lot number on it, will be put in a transparent box and shuffled. A blindfolded person will draw the lucky number. Both Dr. Kohl-Rupp as well as the initial owner of the object will be present during the draw. After the drawing, the data of the winner will be determined on hand of the list of registration numbers and corresponding registration forms.The winner and the winning lot number will then be announced.
  14. The winner will be informed by Dr. Kohl-Rupp in accordance with the data determined at the drawing of the lots.
  15. The winner or his/her legal successor, has to accept the prize within 20 days, following the day of the drawing. If the winner does not accept the prize within the terms mentioned above, there will be a new draw, within 3 working days. Within 4 weeks after the winner has been contacted, the Trustee will set up a deed of transfer between the vendor and the vendee, based on which the entry in the land register will be enlisted.
  16. The handover of the property will take place latest 4 weeks after signature of the deed of transfer. The owner of the property is held to sign the deed of transfer without delay.
  17. The owner of the object of the raffle will bear all fees, costs and other expenses arising from the raffle and the transfer of the property.
  18. The registration process is conducted in such a way, that a monitoring of the data by unauthorized persons is not possible. The Austrian bankers’ discretion also applies. All data of the participants will be deleted after the transfer of the deed has been completed.
  19. Austrian law applies. Place of jurisdiction is Graz. No recourse to legal action is permitted.
  20. The underlying case is a one-time raffle by the owner, therefore not a consecutive activity directed towards a realisation of profits. As such, it does not infringe the exclusive rights of the State of Austria, to organize lotteries.
  21. The total amount of lots is 5.050 at a price of EUR 99,00 per lot.