Register and Purchase of Lots

How does the raffle work?

  1. You register by completing the Registration Form.
  2. You will receive by return, from the attorney, a registration number.
  3. Upon receipt of this registration number, you can pay the number of lots required by bank transfer or via Credit Card.
  4. Minimum 14 days prior to the draw, lot numbers will be announced.
  5. The winner will be informed immediately upon the draw.
  6. The total number of lots sold will be 5.050 at the price of EUR 99,00 per lot.
  7. Registration is necessary, but until payment has been received, there is no further obligation nor commitment

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year of birth (participation: 18) *)

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*) these fields are required.
**) these fields are necessary for a smooth and quick transaction of a potential return remittance.